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COVID-19 simulation- An Interactive Tool for Analyses of Phased Reopening Decisions

This is Version 1, for Version 2 go here

Version 2 allows comparative analyses of alternative decision scenarios, evaluate upto daily changes in decisions, and flexibility in setting analyses time-period


An interactive simulation tool for evaluating weekly changes in options for social distancing, contact tracing and testing, and universal testing, over a 52 week period - Application to the State of New York.

To use the simulation tool for evaluating decisions

  1. Click on run model link to open in Google Colab - you will have to log in to your google account for the code to work. The simulation model is built in Python, if you run it in Colab, no software installation is needed.

    Run model (link)

  2. In Google Colab, click on ‘Runtime–>Run all’. Follow instructions given by the model to enter decisons you would like to evaluate

Model download and info

Open access

The tool is open access and can be used for your own analyses, citing instructions DOI
For questions, comments, or interests in collaborations please contact the corresponding author.
Corresponding author contact: Dr. Chaitra Gopalappa; email: \ Disease Modeling Lab, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Acknowledgments: NSF #1915481

Version 1 \ Version 2